Yabba Bagga

A Reminder

This is just a reminder of what is going on in the game.

We traveled through a portal to a mountain top surrounded by dragons. Then from there we walked through the temple of IO and were sent to a pocket dimension and were sent from their to a small town named Datharta (or Deatharta or Dathorta, not sure on spelling). In this town we began to ask around about demons and strange events in the area and learned of a town across the lake that was apparently overrun a while back. We met a bard like man who seems evil, but said he would take us across the lake for a price, but a scry from Ebenezer showed he is involved in some sort of evil “plot” and slave trade. We left off in the morning and were debating on whether to take down the evil party or to continue to the town across the lake.

This is just a basic reminder so when we game again we don’t spend to much time figuring out whats going on.

Corsail the Wyld
[[:corsail-windstorm | Corsail Windstorm]]

I was ordered by the sidhe lords of nature to find what was happening in the human worlds. Forests and natural places where our power was strongest were disappearing quickly, faster than ever before. Many of our dells and gathering places had been destroyed in a short time (to our eyes, I later learned that to the mortal races it had been lifetimes in the happening), but it was not so great a threat as to send a more powerful warrior from among our ranks.

I arrived in the forest in one of the few remaining gathering places for our kind on the Continent of Armenia. I began to travel towards were I could feel the perversion of nature. I expected undead, what I did not expect was the tall half-elf that burst through the trees ahead of me. I quickly turned myself invisible and ducked out of the way, but I hadn’t acted fast enough. He stopped, backpedaling, nearly falling over himself in surprise. He started to draw a sword, but I convinced him I was not a currant threat. He explained he was fleeing from a hoard of undead that were destroying the forest a mile at a time, and where the cause of the destruction of our connections to the mortal realm. He said his name was Syvarris.

We fought off the few undead that had followed him from his destroyed his village and began to plan on how to sneak past the guard towers and ranks of skeletons and zombies guarding the border of the forest and free lands. We walked for about a week, traveling under the cover of the cloak of the night father. We reach a small town of humans were we learned more about the rule of Zat and the destruction of the natural places of the world.

We infiltrated the non-undead force of Zats army and tried to organize some resistance against the leaders. We were forced to flee along with two others who felt the same as us. There names were Elaine and Nico. Elaine was a mage and Nico was a warlock. We fled for a few days but were nearly caught. We stopped to rest at an old cottage on the side of the road. The old woman introduced herself as Yabba. We slept in her living room in front of here roaring fire.

When we awoke, we were in a forest glade overlooking a largish city on the coast. We traveled down to the city and were told by the guard that we were expected. The guard led us to a small cottage that was remarkably similar to the one we had stayed in the night before. We entered and were greeted by Yabba, who revealed that she was a powerful being. She hired us to clear out a ruined temple and find the hazard orb of Fire. The temple was in the jungle on a nearby island. I agreed as at the moment I was not powerful enough in this realm to defeat or even annoy the Lich lord Zat. So I expanded my power by working with Yabba Bagga. We fought our way through the overgrown temple with the help of WIll O’Carrik, and a bard named Elan. I did not like Will. He was emotionless and unfriendly. Yabba sent us on many more missions, from defeating an unseelie fey, to clearing a Drow fortress. We eventually gathered several of the orbs. We were asked to go after the orb of necromancy. We traveled to the world of the orb and infiltrated the temple of the snake people. After several months of learning about the world and city, we stole the orb from the eye of a massive statue to their god. The statue came to life and began to attack. We fled and barely survived the encounter. We are currently living in our fort outside the city were yabba lives and waiting for our next mission.

-Corsail Windstorm, Druid of the Wayfarers

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