Yabba Bagga

A Reminder

This is just a reminder of what is going on in the game.

We traveled through a portal to a mountain top surrounded by dragons. Then from there we walked through the temple of IO and were sent to a pocket dimension and were sent from their to a small town named Datharta (or Deatharta or Dathorta, not sure on spelling). In this town we began to ask around about demons and strange events in the area and learned of a town across the lake that was apparently overrun a while back. We met a bard like man who seems evil, but said he would take us across the lake for a price, but a scry from Ebenezer showed he is involved in some sort of evil “plot” and slave trade. We left off in the morning and were debating on whether to take down the evil party or to continue to the town across the lake.

This is just a basic reminder so when we game again we don’t spend to much time figuring out whats going on.


tdartt JozanBrinter

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