Lute of the five songs

Appears to be a normal slightly shabby lute with 5 colored patchs on the top of the instrument

musical instrument

Lute of the Five Songs

Red— When the lute is played it causes a +10 perform check

Blue— Allows a sonic ray to be shot out (50ft range) for 8d8 damage (2/day)

Yellow— Allows a suggestion spell to be cast on any 1 to 5 people. (2/day)

Green— Stuns all in a 20ft radius centered on you Dc 15 will save (2/day)

Black— Changes the lute into a long sword, can be changed back and forth anytime. Takes a move action to initiate the change.

Sword= +2 Holy longsword 1d8 + 1d6 +2
extra +2 to hit and damage


Lute of the five songs

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