Staff of Eternal Flame

A long black polished short spear 6ft long and polished until it appears to be glass.


Staff of Eternal Flame

This long black polished cherry wood short spear stands about 6ft long and is polished until it almost appears to be made of glass. The spear head appears blackened and scorched as if it has sat in a fire for hours then cooled. The entire length is carved in runes that glow like embers. The spear head is long and one bladed. It is slightly curved.

Damage: 1d8 + 1d6 fire

Special:Any spell cast through it deal fire damage as well as its normal type.

ie: Magic Missile deals 1d4 force, if it was cast through the staff of flame it would deal 1d4 force fire.


It was created about 200 years ago by a long dead fire mage named Coritian Maritor. It has been made by other wizards since its creation, and about 200 exist at the moment.

Staff of Eternal Flame

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