The Mask of Many

A Steel mask bent slightly to fit the face better, but has no straps


The Mask of Many

This steel mask is slightly bent to fit the face better, but has no straps to hold it on. Its mouth (when removed from a face) is full of pointed teeth and its eyes are slightly hooked at the ends.

A strange design is upon its brow, a black dot with 3 black lines extending from the top and bottom. Each then has 3 more lines extending from the the top. This process goes on as small as the eye can see.


It is intelligent, but has no real personality, speaking however the wearer seems to believe it should.
It is extremely smart, retaining every fact and bit of information it has heard
It has an effective intelligence of 39.

  • It grants a +4 armor bonus
  • +2 to intelligence
  • On a concentration roll of a 15+ it can take on the appearance and shape of anothers face. Otherwise it looks like a metal face of the wearer that follows the wearers every moment, but made of metal.
  • Can make a duplicate of you to fight, but if the duplicate is destroyed, so is the mask for 50 years, when it reforms in a different location.
  • It speaks telepathically to its wearer
  • It can cast—
    Fireball as a 10th level caster 1/day
    Daggerfall 1/day
    Burn 1/day
    Daggerfall— Summons one dagger per level + wisdom modifier
    Daggers fly out from a “cloud” behind you and strike at a target with a +10 to hit. Each dagger can only fire once, but deal 1d6 + int bonus damage each. They can be shot at a rate of up to 5 a round and last for 10 rounds.
    Burn—Target must make a will save vs being set ablaze. Fire deals 1d10 + 5 damage per round. It burns until target makes a DC 25 will save or 10 rounds have past.

No one knows its original creator, but it is over 6000 years old easily. There is only one in existence and its owner changes rarely.

The Mask of Many

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